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Online Board Meetings Benefits

Online Board Meetings Benefits

Teleconferences have become more frequent as companies adapt to working from home following the pandemic. Virtual meetings are efficient however there are some issues to be considered.

Participants business continuity management solutions who are less engaged may be frightened by a remote meeting initially, since they aren’t accustomed to communicating via internet-based communication. This can lead to a reduced participation in the meeting. This can delay the progress of the board or disrupt the agenda.

It is often difficult to discern the body language and facial expressions during a discussion online which can cause confusion. Inattention to eye contact can cause directors to feel less at ease and passive listeners. This is not good for an executive board.

The board portal can be used to improve these issues. A board management tool that includes video conferencing that is secure, for example allows you to store and record important documents. Directors can then access the documents and minutes at any time, from any device, and even before the next meeting.

It is also a great idea to make sure the room is spotless and free of distractions. The meeting should not be held during mealtimes, and all attendees are encouraged to use a muffled phone when they aren’t speaking to minimize background noise. The chair should be able to look over all attendees and advise participants to only use their microphones when necessary.

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