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Learn About Flexible Budget

Budget reports can be a useful tool for evaluating a manager’s effectiveness only if they contain the appropriate information. When preparing budget reports, it is important to include in the report the items the manager can control. If a manager is only responsible for a department’s costs, to include all[…]

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Sage Intacct Customer Reviews 2021

Content Sage Intacct Year-End System Review: Top 10 List Pricing Type Multi-Entity Management Sage Intacct is a great solution that has the capability for managing accounts payable Software Advice Purchasing Intacct Core Accounting Functions Additional Support and Services Those Vendor 1099 initial values for the portion of the year before[…]

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Review of GoDaddy Bookkeeping ®

The platform offers affordable pricing plans, an easy-to-use site design editor, e-commerce functionality and a robust set of built-in marketing features. If you have a sole proprietorship and don’t ever expect to grow beyond this basic business entity, GoDaddy Bookkeeping may be the only type of accounting software you need.[…]

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Topic No 704, Depreciation Internal Revenue Service

Content What Is the Difference Between Depreciation Expense and Accumulated Depreciation? Figuring Depreciation Under MACRS Double-Declining Balance (DDB) Meaning of depreciable in English Depreciable Asset Depreciable asset definition Depreciation Definition and Examples of Depreciation For non-depreciable assets like land, this is straight forward. For depreciable assets like equipment it is[…]

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Cost of Living Calculator

Content Unit Price: Everything You Need To Master Financial Modeling Different Conversion Cost Examples Tiktok Ad Cost Calculator How we make money What is Currency? Prime Cost vs. Conversion Cost in Accounting Xe Currency Converter In August we had 250 people sign up to a free trial of a product,[…]

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What is Gross Profit? Formula + Calculator

Therefore, the manufacturer’s gross profit is $21,000 ($60,000 minus $39,000). The gross profit ratio or gross profit percentage is 35% (gross profit of $21,000 divided by net sales of $60,000). To calculate the gross profit percentage, we begin by finding the gross profit then divide it by the total sales[…]

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Accounting Consultant Overview What is an accounting consultant?

Our team of reviewers are established professionals with decades of experience in areas of personal finance and hold many advanced degrees and certifications. Technology and automation are increasing efficiency in accounting tasks, making consultants with adaptability and niche expertise valuable. Businesses should consider the consultant’s qualifications and experience when choosing[…]

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