Ramon Beense

Software development

Embedded Banking: financial tools on your platform

On the other side, businesses benefit from improved customer retention, increased purchases, and gain an advantage over competitors offering less convenient services. The spread of embedded finance services is an inevitable step in the digital transformation in banking and other industries. Yet besides following the global trends, businesses invest in[…]

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What Is Operability? Software Operability

In a computing techniques environment with multiple systems this contains the power of products, methods and business processes to work together to accomplish a standard task similar to discovering and returning availability of inventory for flight. Product supply groups with a DevOps strategy will generally produce techniques with higher operability[…]

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Web Application Security Best Practices

All in all, you should use diverse security measures, but you should not just believe that purchasing them and giving them to your security team will solve the problem. These security measures must be integrated with your entire environment and automated as much as possible. They are there to reduce[…]

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